Facts about Portside

  • Human fishing village
  • Relatively new village

Portside: Failing Fishing Village

LN village

Corruption +0; Crime –4; Economy –1; Law +2; Lore +1; Society +0

Qualities rumormongering citizens, superstitious

Danger +0; Disadvantages impoverished


Government autocracy

Population 70 (63 humans, 6 half-elves, 1 halfling)

Notable NPCs

Mayor Tanner Basken (LG male human expert)

Sheriff Ira Skeen (LN female human fighter/ranger)

Soothsayer the Beachcomber (N male human druid)


Base Value 250 gp; Purchase Limit 1,250 gp; Spellcasting 1st

Minor Items 1d4; Medium Items 1d2; Major Items —


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