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Facts about the Elvish Plague:

  • The elvish plague predates humanmkind
  • The plague is mostly caught by contact, though can also be caught from the air
  • Whenever someone is discovered with the plague, they are branded with the above plague rune

Elvish Plague (contact)

Point of contact progresses as follows:
1. Inflammation
2. Swelling and bleeding
3. Necrosis sets in
4. Necrosis spreads to the victim’s core, withering away everything in its path
5. Death

Type disease, contact, Save Fortitude DC 18 (-4 for half-elves, +4 vs. magic healing)

Onset 1d4 days; Frequency 1/day

Effect 1 Dex damage and 1 Cha damage, fatigued; Cure: amputation of infected area

Any infected creature that is treated by the Long Term Care aspect of the heal skill does not suffer ability damage as long as treatment continues.


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