Waves of Antiquity

Session I
Curiously Coincidental Meeting / Ambush of the Lizard-Riders /Plik-Plik's Wrath


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Session Events:

  • The Adventurers are drawn together by all noticing a clumsy ambush being staged by blue-scaled kobolds
  • A glorious battle ensued, full of spine crunching, tenacious arrow wounding, root entangling, turn-coat lizard mounts, damnation shouting, and lightning blasting.
  • Two options were given to the surviving kobolds, neither of which were explained.
  • Plik-Plik the Almighty, the winged leader of the kobolds, retreated into the sky.
  • A magical warhammer was retrieved, as well as a dragonbone dagger matching that of Samara’s father’s.

Total XP: 300 per character

XP Breakdown

Combat XP:

Kobolds 6 × 100 = 600
Plik-Plik 1x 600 = 600
1200 / 5 = 240 per player

Roleplay XP

60 per player


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