Waves of Antiquity

Session VIII

Giant Black Widow / Chasing Narrier / Return to Sanctuary

Precarious cliffside monastery phuktal

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Session Events:

  • Giant spider web found, with bodies strung up in it.
    • Spider is found, fought, and defeated.
    • Davian cut down the bodies, finding:
      • One of Narrier’s men
      • The missing witch, Bavmorda
      • A pompous, aristocratic gnome, who was also seeking to monetize the spring with Narrier.
  • Oren the Ox shows himself.
    • He had been told by the party to watch Narrier, so when the thief escaped, Oren tracked him all the way to the woods.
    • He was chased out of Cliffside by angry citizens.
      • When asked about how he used to terrorize the village, he doesn’t recall it. He says all remembers is being trapped in a maze, and having Itham “Stone-Speaker” free him from the maze. Thereafter, he was taken to Sanctuary and used as a guard.
  • The heroes continued on to Cliffside, and left Oren outside the city limits.
    • They heard rumors that Narrier tried to buy guards to accompany him back into the woods, but none would have it. Finally, he bought a horse (was grossly overcharged by the stable master) and galloped off to the west.
    • Samara convinces the stable master to lend them horses, and they take off after Narrier.
      • Radurak is able to push his horse the fastest, and nearly catches up to Narrier, but then halts the thief completely by casting entangle.
      • Narrier is utterly defeated. They tie him up and bring him with them to Sanctuary.
  • At Sanctuary, the party finds that Lord Alain has awoken, though he is still not in his right mind.
    • He mentions that he was undecided on what to do about the spring, and would welcome their counsel on the issue.
    • In exchange for saving his life, he has offered to have everyone some armor commissioned by Galan “half-hand”, free-of-charge.
  • Radurak offers a skin full of the spring’s water to take to all the sick of Sanctuary, starting with the soldiers and craftsmen.
  • Another rain storm begins!

Total XP: 1300 per player

XP Breakdown

Combat XP:

Giant Black Widow Spider (+1 CR) 1 × 1200 = 1200
Narrier 1 × 1600 = 1600
Pompous Gnome 1 × 800 = 800
3600 / 5 ~ 750 per player

Roleplay XP

Roleplay: 300 per player
Bringing the Cure: 150 per player
Horse Chase Winnar: 100


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