Waves of Antiquity

Session VII

Gallow-Tree / Narrier Cutpurse

Session Events:

  • The adventurers find the spring, which is an oily black color.
  • A massive black willow tree lurks there.
  • The adventurers inspect the tree, but seem to find nothing strange about it.
  • When they reach for a drink from the spring, the tree attacks!
    • With terrible, strangling vines it entangles several of them at a time, and swallows Elwe whole.
    • The adventurers attempt to talk the evil down, but he is not very reasonable, and steadfast in keeping them from drinking from the pool.
    • Radurak Bloodmoon’s beloved companion Bubba is strangled to death.
    • After a brave fight, of fire, swords, and splintering blows, the tree is defeated.
  • They inspect it and find treasure from past adventurers inside it!
  • The pool rids them of the cursed plague.
  • Narrier “cutpurse” arrives with two fellow bandits. They’re looking to drink from the pool as well.
    • He is talked down from monetizing the spring, but it is clear that it is only a temporary agreement, one that will change as soon as they turn their backs on him.
    • During the conversation, Davien sneaks up on Narrier and attacks!
    • Narrier retreats like a coward, drinking a potion of Expeditious Retreat.
    • The other two guards, both human, are defeated.
      • One is interrogated. He was working for Narrier entirely out of profit: a promised 1% of all the proceeds from monetizing the spring.
  • Bubba the bear is skinned and eaten, for noble reasons of re-integrating his essence into the world.

Total XP: 1250 per player

XP Breakdown

Combat XP:

Hangman’s Tree (-1 CR) 1 × 2400 = 2,400
Narrier “cutpurse” 1 × 1,600 = 1,600
Narrier’s men 2 × 600 = 1,200
5200 / 5 ~ 1050 per player

Roleplay XP

Roleplay: 100 per player
Cured!: 100 per player


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