Waves of Antiquity

Session V

Kalashesh the Plague-Bringer / The DROW! / "We're Free!"

Pzo9031 kobold shaman

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Session Events:

  • Kalashesh the Plague-Bringer, and his Drow ally were fought and defeated.
  • Treasure horde was rewarded!
  • The remaining kobolds were threatened to leave their den and go elsewhere.
  • An altar to the drow goddess Lolth was discovered.
  • Hundreds of half-elves, elves, and humans were chained before the altar, channeling their energy to some vile purpose.
  • Lord Alain Tyl was found, with his sword-arm severed.
  • Idruma and Duzin join the band in leaving the kobold lair, with Lord Alain in arm, heading toward Sanctuary
  • A thick layer of tiny lizards has covered the land during the storm.
  • They appear to be underwater cave-dwelling lizards.
  • When Radurak Bloodmoon speaks to them, they say only “We’re free!”

Total XP: 1000 per player

XP Breakdown

Combat XP:

Kalashesh 1 × 1600 = 1600
Plik-Plik 1x 1200 = 1200
2800 / 5 ~ 600 per player

Roleplay XP

Roleplay: 100 per player
Called Shot to the Throat: 25 per player
Bagging the Darkness: 25 per player
First Boss: 100
First Crawl: 100
“We’re Free!”: 50 per player


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Session V
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