Waves of Antiquity

Session III

The Surface of the Kobold Nest / Dire Weasels! / "They Are Listening!"

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Session Events:

  • The Adventurers reached the entrance to the kobold nest, where Davian solved the ancient puzzle of the stone gate.
  • Davian sneaks into the tunnel, hears four guards playing dice in the first room.
    • An ambush is staged. The four kobold guards are massacred, though the commander puts up a heroic fight.
    • Those of the guards who were not killed in the initial ambush surrender.
      • But nothing stays the heart of Poros, and he slays one with his cruel chain, to Elwe’s disdain.
      • Davian slays the other with his swift longsword. Elwe is too preoccupied in keeping the raging Samara from bleeding out to interfere.
    • Treasure of a potion and a small amount of gold is found.
    • A large brass gong sits against the wall, above which is an arcane mark of a wizard.
  • Further exploration is made, discovering a trap of collapsible stairs, a statue of a skeleton warrior similar to the sculpture outside.
  • The Adventurers press forward to a huge room with a dim green glow at its back. A barricade of garbage has been constructed there, with 6 kobolds standing with readied crossbows.
    • Elwe tries in vain to convince them to speak with the prisoners. To which the speaking kobold tosses a string of ears forward and says “Speak! They are listening.”
    • Poros threatens as well, though this kobold lead is steadfast. Large, scurrying weasels are at his feet.
    • The battle breaks out!
      • Bubba scales the wall and Samara leaps atop it, the two dual off with the six fire-breathing kobolds.
      • With a magic slight, Elwe sends the kobold lead tumbling off the barricade to break his leg.
        • His dire weasels charges forward, seeking vengeance for their fallen master!
        • One latches onto Poros and drains blood from his neck.
      • Much spine crunching, throat tearing, and weasel smashing commences.

Total XP: 1200 per character

XP Breakdown

Combat XP:

Kobolds 6 × 100 = 600
Ydak (Kobold War 3) 1 × 400 = 400
Kobolds (Fire Infused) 5 × 135 = 675
Fikk (Kobold Rgr 1) 1 × 200 = 200
Dire Weasels 2 × 600 = 1200
Two Traps 2 × 600 = 1200
4275 / 5 ~ 900 per player

Other XP

  • Roleplay: 100 per player
  • “You’re Getting It” XP: 200 per player (things definitely started to click last night, eh?)


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