Waves of Antiquity

Session II

Introductions / Maysen's Burning / Kobold Nest


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Session Events:

  • The Adventurers introduce one another, and find a common tie: Lord Alain Tyl
  • Corpses of the slain plagued disposed of by Poros. Narrier “cutpurse” complains of the cruel disposal of his cousin’s corpse.
  • The Adventurers continue toward Sanctuary.
  • In the settlement’s outskirts, they meet Oren the Ox.
    • Oren angrily explains the news that the nearby village Maysen has been raided by kobolds.
    • He also mentions that Alain has not returned from his normal hikes for over a day.
    • Samara is angered by the minotaur, who she recognizes as having once terrorized her hill tribe. She is calmed by the party.
  • The Adventurers set out for Maysen. Narrier “cutpurse” wishes to go with, but they refuse him. Oren takes the wagon back to Sanctuary.
  • Along the way, they cleverly avoid an encounter with an ankheg.
  • They happen upon a small scouting party of kobolds, who are squinting miserably into the sun.
  • They manage to defeat the kobolds (who were in control of a vicious monitor lizard).
  • Kobold eggs are stomped upon by Davien, then licked off his boots by Bubba the bear.
  • One kobold is captured, and information is gathered from him. According to him:
    • The kobolds raided Maysen for prisoners.
    • They were lead by a devil-warrior Kalashesh.
    • Plik-Plik was not involved, though the kobold did know him.
  • A nasty wind storm strikes. At the heart of it, in the far distance, a massive creature roars.

Total XP: 1000 per character

XP Breakdown

Combat XP:

Minotaur 1 × 1200 = 1200
Ankheg 1 × 800 = 800
Kobolds 6 × 100 = 600
Monitor Lizard 1 × 600 = 600
3200 / 5 = 640 per player

Other XP

  • Roleplay: 160 per player
  • Pity XP: 200 (for the three weeks off and to level)


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